Original Founder's Note from March 2019

August 28, 2019

Original Founder's Note from March 2019

I wrote this in March 2019 after being totally inspired by reading thought provoking questions about company vision and answering them in a hotel in Central Java. I'm posting it to the blog so it is recorded.

"Nestify is focused on providing high quality, sustainably sourced, modern design furniture that customers can order through a simple e-commerce platform and have it delivered free within seven days.

Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

While I was pondering some big questions it dawned on me that no one has the same combination of experience, insight, knowledge, passion, drive, values and vision as I do, and because of that I have something unique to offer the world (and the same is true for all of us). From there I realized I was not just starting a new furniture business, I had a rare opportunity to build into my brand, from the start, the principles and values that I hold dear: long-term thinking, collaboration, learning, openness, process oriented, sustainability, social responsibility, kindness, honesty, to name a few. When the focus is on these things, and not on greed, it is a much better experience. Since I’ve begun to focus in this way on the holistic system, my role as a co-founder and CEO has taken on a much more meaningful purpose. The world needs good leaders and role models. I am ready to step up to the plate. These are big declarations, and it is just that, a declaration that I am ready. Being committed keeps me going when I face fear and uncertainty. I know if I continue to work hard, contribute to the world in a positive way, and continuously improve, I cannot really fail.

Thank you for reading!

Margaret Sellergren, Co-founder and CEO"

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