What Is Mindfulness And How Can We Practice It With Furniture?

September 27, 2022

What Is Mindfulness And How Can We Practice It With Furniture?

Practicing Mindfulness at Home

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment, and to notice what is happening within yourself and the world around you. As we become aware of the feelings that arise within us, we no longer have to live on autopilot by just reacting to our emotions. Thinking about the past can cause depression, worrying about the future makes us anxious, but if we bring our attention to the present moment we can feel safe. As we awaken to right now, we cultivate a connection with what's happening and when we're with others, by giving them our total attention, they receive the gift of being truly seen. 

Nestify furniture is made with natural materials such as teak, mahogany, marble, rattan, the alloy brass, and is built with loving care by talented craftsmen who really know wood. Here are 5 ways to practice mindfulness at home with your furniture:

  • Using your sense of vision, notice the pattern of the wood grain. 
  • Using your sense of touch, feel how smooth or rough the texture of the wood is. Feel the quality of the fabric and how the seat supports you, holding you securely. 
  • Notice the smell of the natural wood. 
  • Enjoy a coffee or tea while taking a rest in your chair and, sipping slowly, taste and feel the drink, how it feels in your mouth and goes down your throat 
  • Listen to the sounds of the room and outside–observe how it changes. 

That is a great mindfulness practice that you can do at home to increase happiness, improve your relationships and live more in peace and acceptance.

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